You can buy and rent different useful products that will ease your journey and help you to take care of yourself and your baby just as you deserve it.  Below, a few of the items that many moms like to have on hand to make their delivery and post-partum as comfortable and smooth as possible.

Spinning Babies ® class

1 setting

800, -


It includes 3 home visits per week, with help with dinner preparation and support around breastfeeding and parenting.

We plan what you need!

Price 1500,- plus additional food expenses.

Belly Mapping Workbook


Spinning Babies ® Parent Class Streaming and Digital Download


Get Spinning Babies Parent Class in a DVD format here. 

Postpartum rebozo massasje

Hove visit with traditional rebozo massage. 

Usually 3 months or 6 weeks after birth. 



Quick Reference Digital Download


You can also get Quick Reference Booklet here. 

Prenatal class (3 settings)

Spinning babies ®, birth, pain and pain management, breastfeeding 

1 800, - 

Portable bidet for sitz-baths and 3 treatments

Sitz bath: stitches, pain, swollen tissue, or trouble down there? This portable bidet, including 3 treatments, often sets your healing into the right course. 

3 treatments: what do you need down there? Growing, removing itchiness? Being more flexible? Making the bruise disappear? Your first 3 treatments are part of your sitz bath. Delivered to your home in the Trondheim area. 


Daily Essentials Streaming and Digital Download


Get Daily Essentials in a DVD format clicking here. 

Rebozo: 40x200 

Mothers LOVE their Rebozo sifting the first of 3 sisters of balance from Spinning Babies ®. 

If you don’t have something you can use, get this nice, home-sewn rebozo for that nice relief at the end of the day 😊


Placenta tincture

Tincture of your placenta in alcohol. 

Takes 5-6 weeks. 


Breech Birth Quick Guide Digital Download


You can also find Breech Birth Quick Guide in a print 20-page format here.

Prenatal class (4 settings)

Spinning babies ®, birth, pain and pain management, breastfeeding, breathing and baby carrying

2 200, - 

Homebirth kit

Birth pool and liner including all equipment for your home birth including: 

  • Pool with one-use liner

  • Tarpaulin

  • Air and water pumps and hoses

  • Thermometer ++

  • Pads, sheets, covers +++

  • Placenta container


Helping Your Breech Baby Turn eBook


Spinning Babies ® Shop

Visit website to discover more products

Placenta capsules

Encapsulation of your placenta after the TCM method.

Takes 3-5 days.


German Quick Reference Digital Download


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