Your "Fødekraft" and Heide

Heide Thorsen

More comfort in pregnancy and childbirth

Heide Thorsen invites you to connect to your inner “Fødekraft”; your inherent ability to birth in empowerment. She developed this term after experiencing an outstanding feeling of empowerment during her second birth with a very supportive midwife. Heide has herself experienced both hospital- and home-birth setting.

Your birth is a wonderful experience where everything has to be right for your child to face the world: the right moment, right environment, and right people in the room with you. As a part of your birthing experience, Heide will support you in every step of your journey, just as you need it. 


Since 2008, Heide has been committed to helping women achieve a good and positive approach to childbirth and infant care, post-natal care, and breastfeeding. She is a doula, which means she accompanies you through pregnancy and childbirth providing emotional support. She is also certified as a Spinning Babies ® Parent Educator and provides special pregnancy courses for mothers and parents who want to balance both mother and baby, and have more comfortable pregnancies and easier births.

Heide has gathered many different experiences when it comes to births and has supported more than 100 mothers to bring their children to the world, both in-home births, and hospital births. Doula Heide can also help you prepare for breastfeeding and support you along the way. 


Each pregnancy is different and sometimes the parents may need or want extra emotional support. The role that she has in each pregnancy is different and depends on the agreement with the parents. However, the goal is always the same; to help women to have a safe, unforgettable and empowering birth experience.  


In addition to emotional labour support, Heide can also give you the necessary techniques to build strong maternal-child health, as individual support for your breastfeeding journey, to provide him with the best start in life. 


Regardless of the help you want, Heide´s main goal is to provide you the necessary support to empower yourself, while helping you to understand your body both physically and emotionally.

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