Doula services

Every woman should have a pleasurable birth, and Heide´s purpose is supporting and empowering women through serving their own vision of good birth. From pregnancy care, prenatal classes, birth, postpartum care, to breastfeeding support, Heide supports you and your partner in every step of your journey. 

What is a Doula?

A doula is an experienced birth supporter, who accompanies you and your family during labour to provide educational, emotional, and physical support throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. 

Whether you choose a hospital or a home-birth setting, Heide's non-medical support for your family may be the supplementary support for your own birth. Because birth matters. 

Heide´s help is fully personalised to each mother. Decide in which area you and your partner need more support, and let Heide guide you. 

How can Heide help you?

Heide works as a doula in the region of Trondheim and provides a natural approach to pregnancy and birth, as well as offers empowering techniques like belly mapping, to help you and your partner understand your body, your inner strength and the role of your baby in the process. You will learn to understand, influence, respect, and love your body in every single step of your pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and journey as a mother. 

Birth Preparation Course

Birth preparation for your partner

What does your partner need to know to support you optimally? Understand your emotional needs, read your body cues, easy labour pain, and truly be your partner in your birth journey as parents.


Let Heide´s birth preparation classes address your questions with hands-on skills, easy manuals to follow and that confidence boost you and your partner needs. 

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