Birth matters.

Pregnancy and childbirth are extraordinary experiences, and every woman should have a positive birth. Heide´s purpose is supporting and giving you and your partner the necessary tools for an empowered birth. 

Let Heide help you discover your inner strength, and walk with you and your partner in your journey from a woman to a mother. 

Doula services

Birth support as you need it

A doula provides an extra level of physical, emotional and informational support and care throughout pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care to ensure you get a more comprehensive picture of what the birth entails.

Heide can help you to develop a natural approach to birth so that both mother and father are informed, safe, prepared for what is happening, and ready to enjoy a unique journey. 

Spinning babies ®

Preparation for birth

Spinning Babies ® is an approach that takes clues from the baby’s position and station for natural, physiological solutions. It is what doula Heide uses most to make your every day and your birth as easy as possible. 

Let's invite your baby to find more space in your womb during pregnancy and work with body and baby during birth..

Heide is so amazed about the results that she is proud to be  Norway's first certified Spinning Babies ® parent Educator!


prepared - educated - empowered

let's start your journey with your needs!

Good preparation for future parents

Birth Preparation Course

In addition to your public midwife and doctor, Heide provides pregnancy coaching to help you and your partner to prepare for a positive birth experience. 

The birth preparation classes are also fully personalised to each mother. Decide in which area you and your partner need more support, and let Heide guide you. 

Feedback from parents

"It was so beautiful, how Heide showed my husband what he could do, both when we were at home and in the delivery room. An amazing coach!"

First time mum

"I was skeptical about having an extra person at first, but Heide's service was exceptional! When the chaos was in charge over us for a few days she even shopped for us."

Dad for 4th time

"I have no partner at this time. Heide was a safe option for me."

Single mom 

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